One Outstanding Marine Ride

This is the Punisher.

Jon Nelson
USMC ’71-’75

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  • John Mason

    Nice ride! I was going to buy a Vette when I came home from Nam, but the insurance was the same as I was making as an E-4. Instead bought a new Olds Cutlass Supreme. It was waiting for me when I got home in May of 69. John Mason Echo 2/27 and Delta 1/9

  • duncan

    when I got back to the “world” all I could afford was a 1959 MGA

  • Gary Ross

    I seem to recall that we servicemen and women were able to purchase a brand new car/truck from one of the 4 U.S. automakers at the time, inside the Freedom Hill Exchange before it was destroyed by the 1969 ammo dump explosion. Notice I said one of the 4 U.S. automakers – Ford, GMC, Chrysler and American Motors (AMC). Put down your deposit and your rocket ship would shipped to your hometown and the overall price was dirt cheap!! Ahh, what memories, GTO’s, Mustangs, Malibu’s, Vettes, Javelin’s etc. Semper Fi to all, Gary Ross, F 2/26, Khe Sanh and other fun spots too numerous to mention.

  • Bill Corley

    I did the same and was able to buy a ’69 Jeep CJ-5 when I got back in April ’69. The kicker was I had to buy a top, passenger seat and wheels and tires.

  • Gy R.V. Neely

    Gotta love a car (or truck) that has proper 782 equipment in the trunk!

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