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Several weeks ago I read an article about mustaches and it reminded me of when I was a Sgt (E4) in 2nd Bn, 3dMar in 1958, we were stationed at Camp Kindser across the road from Camp Hague On Okinawa. At the time I was the radio chief for 2Bn/3d Mar, there was no SSgt in Comm at that time. I worked for a 1st Lieutenant and I do not remember his name. I was very proud of my mustache and the handle bars. I usually wore them turned up on the ends. Our Bn Commander put out the word no handle bars were allowed, so during work time they were not waxed, but on liberty I waxed them. This particular evening about 7:00 pm I was walking from my tent area to the main gate about a half mile, at that time Camp Kindser consisted of mostly tents with wood floor and Quantic huts, the sidewalks were made of wood and every time it rained they floated and you could never walk any place without getting into the muddy water.

Back to my walking to the main gate, a car passed me and stopped in front and as I walked past the back window rolled down and the Col asked me where I was going, I said to town and he said get in. As we proceeded to the front gate he asked me what I was going in town for, and I told him going to the Judo club to work out, the Col asked me what unit I was in and I said yours Col. When we got to the gate and I was getting out of the car the Col told me "The Only Thing With Wings In My Unit Are My Birds. Cut Yours Off." I replied, "Yes sir,"and closed the door and went on to my Judo Club.

Attached is a picture of me at that time with my handle bar mustache, it was taken in the room my Judo buddy and I rented next to the Judo club. We paid $5.00 a month with dinki (lights). If you enlarge the picture a little you can see the handle bar mustache better.

Reading your newsletter sure has brought back good old times in the Corps.

Semper Fi,
Joe Blaile Sr. MGYSGT. 

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