Only Woman You Can Trust

Only Woman You Can Trust

I was a member of Series 3100 (honor platoon), graduating 10 November 1966. Senior DI Panach(?) during each night’s “free time” repeatedly told us that the only woman we should write letters to was our mother. One night after mail call, he call the entire platoon to attention, then told us to open that letter we just received from our girlfriends, “Rosie Rotten…..” and look up at the upper right corner of the letter. He said to call out every letter that had been written on a Friday or Saturday night. Not one called out. He then concluded the lesson by explaining that Rosie didn’t write on a weekend because she was out bangin’ some draft dodging Joe College (of course there are an few more descriptive terms). BUT your mother wrote regardless of what day of the week it was. “She was the only woman you can trust”.
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  • Wayne Stafford

    Dear John arrived Dec 68. She married a sailor.


    So True!…hahahahahah Each and every time! Blues on panties down!

  • Richard E Jenkins

    Good old Rosie and her sister Susie Rotten Crotch and my best pal Jodie. I sure made up for it when I went home in my Uniform. Marine Corps Dress Blues have been dropping panties since the beginning of the Corps!

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