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Operation DeckHouse I, 1966

Operation DeckHouse I, 1966

My good friend Ken, seated on the mine plow of an LVT E-1, which was the engineer version of the LVT P-5 family.  This one was sited on a bluff as a museum piece at 21 Area, also known as Del Mar area at Camp Pendleton. Ken and I had gone there for a 1st Marine Division Anniversary observation… probably 2005.  This is most likely the tractor that Ken was assigned to when in 5th Amphibian Tractor Bn, circa 1969.  Even though it is ahhh… 'secured'? we were able to somehow (and we ain't telling how) get inside the thing… bits and pieces have disappeared over the years, including the driver's 'joystick'… most likely to have been made into a plaque for some old salt's retirement.  The mine plow is folded in the picture… there are 'wings' on each flank that fold out for plowing up mines on the beach.  From memory, this thing has a fuel-injected, twin supercharger, liquid-cooled gasoline V-12, 1,790 cubic inches… 1,080 HP at the flywheel.  Crew used to snuggle down on top of the line charges ('bout a ton of C-4, linked on a rope) to catch some Zs…   Ddick
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