Ordinary Marines

Ordinary Marines

After reading all the stories in your great newsletter, I have come to believe my time must have been very boring. I came to look at it as a job like any other to be done to the best of my ability. Two tours in Nam and being a courier for the rest of my hitch seems lame when compared to a lot I’ve read, but I guess it takes a lot of us ordinary Marines to keep law and order in the ranks.

Love the newsletter and all of the merchandise. Keep up the good work.

Semper Fi
Ted Davis
USMC ’66 to ’68 and ’70 to ’72

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  • Jim Leonard SSgt Ret

    Mr. Davis, Two things to remember #1 The difference between a “Sea story” and a “Fairy Tale”, Fairy tales start “Once upon a time” and “Sea stories” start “This is no S–T”. #2 It wasn’t a job it was an adventure.

  • bob lake

    Regardless of where or how long you served in the Marine Corps .We are all Marines and our job was to serve honorably in what ever MOS , clime or place the Marine Corps assigned us.No one should ever disparage a Marine’s honorable service to the CORPS

  • Charles Bryson

    Just remember you were a UNITED STATES MARINE! THE THE PROUD.

  • Harry

    Hey Jesse. How did you earn a CIB? Were you also in the Army? Harry

  • Sgt. Robert L Sisson

    You sound like a guy I worked with. He spent 2 1/2 years with 5th Marines and earned 2 purple hearts and talked the same way. He said ALL the time he was just doing his job, Went in the Corp at 17 and that’s all he knew.I asked why he kept extending and he said IT SEEMED LIKE THE THING TO DO.

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