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Our Annual Picnic

Our Annual Picnic

Thanks to all of you at SGT Grit our picnic last weekend was a huge success! As with every year the SGT Grit raffle and auction items were the highlight and had people drooling over them (even the younger people for which drooling really isn't an age related issue). Next year maybe we should order some bibs for the guests as protection at the prize tables!

We raised a grunchload of money, had a good time and stuffed ourselves with ribs, chicken, brats and Leinenkugel beer! Can't thank you all enough for what you do for us through your generosity and Semper Fi attitude. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Great time! Below is a picture of an old WW II and a Viet Nam Marine (I am neither in the photo) sharing a beer and a story or two. We even had our MCL Toys for Tots Jeep there.

Semper Fi
David McMaster 

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