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Our Brother The Marine
by Omie Johnson

I found your web site about 6 months ago and purchased some t’s from you. My brother LCpl. Leon Deraps was killed in action on May 6th 2006, in Iraq. He was 19 years old. He was a baby of 6. I would like to see if you would put the poem I wrote to him when he was home for Christmas in your Newsletter. Take care!
~Omie Johnson
“In loving memory of LCpl. Leon Deraps ~ beloved brother & hero”


Our Brother The Marine

Our brother the Marine ~
is one of the toughest we?ve seen

He is off to travel far & wide ~
& we pray that God stays by his side

The things he?ll see & the things he?ll do ~
Is all to protect me & you

He?s serving our country in a time of trouble & doubt ~
We gave him some gadgets to make sure he is not without

A second generation Marine- we know he has a tough act to follow ~
So the words courage & honor will never be hollow

Our debt of gratitude for his service to our nation~
Is one that will be never be taken~

lightly or with out thought or prayer
for we know he is the one who is there~

on the front lines so we can stay safe & sound
for a family who loves him more could never be found

So here?s to our brother the Marine ~
Who is one of the toughest we?ve seen

May God bless him & keep him safe from harm~
Until we once again can hold him in our arms!

Leon, I could not be more proud to call you my brother. I love
You & we will pray for you. Stay strong & safe! Love, Omie


A salute a friend of our family wrote.

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