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Our Country

Our Country
by Belinda L McCormick

Our flag gracefully sways in the breeze at half mast,
The Eagle symbol of America freedom weeps,
Terrorist have stormed our gates giving us reflections of fear,
We stand at attention strong one union steadfast.

We will mourn our dead who gave their life for freedom,
And tend to our wounded but we will never surrender!
The stars and stripes will long wave overhead in proud glory,
Our soldiers brave and fearless, will fight and never be tiresome.

Our country is knitted together with an invisible unending thread,
From Ocean to Ocean, dawn to dusk inspires us to spring forward,
Children are our future and hold our aspirations, we must keep them safe,
Our leaders congregate, conspire, enforce, leave nothing unsaid.

The America people a rare breed with deep roots that anchor,
The blood of our Pioneers flows amply through our veins as templates,
We are not defined by our past but our preparation for the future,
Terrorism will be stamped out and freedom will rise to conquer.
Belinda L McCormick

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