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Our Fight For You

Our Fight For You
by Adam Billings

We fight for what many won’t
Our bodies battle like many don’t

We save lives in the field
Knowing that we may be killed

Freedom is saved by what we do
You don’t understand that it’s all for you

We take the punishment to help the others
Our mission is to save our brothers

Mothers at home worry about us every day
Just so you can have everything your way

Some people at home put us down and call us names
While miles away we fight for freedom so that our nation can reign

We see the blood of our brothers
But we keep on fighting for all the others

We never give up and we always try
When banded together we will never die

Know this peace lovers,
war haters,
sad mothers,
and mob creators

We fight the war for you as well
We take the bullets in our chests and go through all the hell

We are the Marines
We battle day to day
No Matter how much pain we take
Our freedom is what we save

We take our guns, and we take our lives and put them on the line
We knew the suffering we would go through before we ever signed

Deep inside we buried our loved ones and our memories
Cause we knew that our duty was not for us, but to set You free

So when your lying in bed tonight thinking about your family
Remember all of us to
The people who go out everyday
and fight the war for you

We Are Marines
We always fight for you
Remember our sacrifices
As you look up at the red, white and blue

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