Our Marine Brotherhood

Our Marine Brotherhood

Though it’s been thirty years that I retired as a Marine I found my Platoon 3331 year book, secondly it’s been fifty years come September that I as you and counts of thousands after us arrived to challenge our body, mind and spirit and to having it broken down so that we could be taught courage, poise, self-confidence and pride of belonging to the worlds finest by earning the title Marine that no one can take from us. These words written at the side entrance to the Receiving Barracks do represent our fighting spirit as a Team and Our Marine Brotherhood.

Semper Fidelis

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  • Sgt T. Montana Cassidy

    Hey Brothers. I was at PI , Aug 72. 1st Bn Plt 154
    SR. Di. SSGT. Bishop , Sgt Kincaid. & Sgt Wise
    I’m looking for a copy of my Boot book.


  • aardq

    Boot camp Nov 1, 67 to Jan 68. Started in Plt 2207 for 10 days, two weeks in PCP, then finish with Plt 2217. When my group arrived we were housed in GP tents because the large number of recruits was too great for the Quonset huts. I don’t know what the 1st or 3rd Battalions had for housing, but we had tents and Quonsets. There was a heater in the middle of the tent, but they were never lit. Sunny, southern Cal was downright cold at night. It only took a couple of days before we learned to sleep in our full utilities, minus the boots. The tent sides were rolled up after morning chow, and a lot of dirt got into the tents. Got sent to PCP for pissing off the PC. Got there and thought I was in heaven. It was a real building! Heated!! With a 4×4 cement slab outside the DIs office, called the “launching pad” because after a PT session there you were light headed and spacey. Ah, the fond memories. And wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Ira Feldman

    To all my brother Marines. SEMPER FI love ya all. Good health, and hope for good life for all. Platoon 146 PISC 1956. S/Sgt McNeil, Sgt Brenner and Cpl Sanford ya did a good job of making Marines out of a bunch of snot nosed kids. You are not forgotten.

  • Wayne Pittman

    Its been 65 years ago since graduation from boot camp, SGT Earl Doyle SDI. SGT, C.F. Atencio JDI. & PFC Ian Mercier JDI. My 3 tough drill instructors scared the hell out of me but made Marines out of a platoon of boys. SGT. W.J.Pittman Semper FI. PLT.179 SD.

  • Rachel

    Hi Mr. Powell, My great uncle went through boot camp at MCRD SD in 1951 and was killed in the Korean War. I am trying to learn more about boot camp in the 1950s. I would be so honored to talk with you. My e-mail is rredfer1@gmail.com. Thank you.

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