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Our Son, Your Marine

Our Son, Your MARINE
The Starling Family

Our Son, Your MARINE

Hush,hush please don?t cry
(We brought him into this world)
Daddy will sing you a lullaby

Come to Daddy, come on
(We taught him how to walk)
You can do it on your own

Pedal, pedal don?t look down
(We taught him to ride a bike)
You?ve got it. Now turn around.

Splash, kick your feet, kick your feet!
(We taught him how to swim)
That-a-boy! (You are so neat) What a fete.

Swing the bat, swing the bat!
(We taught him baseball)
Home Run! Look at that!

Listen! Do what you are told!
(We took him to Boot Camp)
Graduation, Guide, MARINE BOLD!

Jump, Jump, glide with the wind.
(The MARINES taught him to Parachute)
It?s complete, Time to defend!

Be brave, be cautious, Be kind.
(We taught him that)
We will never leave you behind!

Our Son, Your MARINE

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