Pacific Crossing

Pacific Crossing

What fun it was for me to read Jim Barber’s account of sailing on the good ship Breckinridge. I, too, shipped to Japan on her January, 1958. His tales of the challenges in the forward head were honestly right on. I want to add how difficult it was maneuvering safely on the slippery liquid and other matter on that sloped tile floor in typhoon conditions. He didn’t mention the joy we experienced when the above deck dependents of other services carried their pets down the ladder to do their business on the tiny deck space the marines were mounded, gasping for fresh air. Overall, it was a fine 23 day cruise with the screw out of the water about half the time. To you and your other marine subscribers, Semper Fi.
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  • Don Thompson

    I sailed to Japan in February, 58 on the General A. E. Anderson. I remember the canvas racks, just enough space between thewm to slide in. We ran into a few storms and a lot of guys got sea sick. I never got sea sick, the closest I came was when a guy across from me let it go in his cereal. Your right about the screws, our head was in the stern and when the screws came out of the water, it sounded like the ship was coming apart, the sound was deafening.

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