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Parris Island 1943

Parris Island 1943

I, with a small group of WWII Marines visited Parris Island, October 25, 1999. I asked around, where was the 5th Bn. located? No such thing now-never was according to present day Marines. No one even heard of the P/B huts (Post Barracks). The rough wood one story sheds that were our barracks. They had no idea what an old dog tag looked like. I said that I was discharged November 1945 in Second Pay Grade- “Oh PFC?” – No, Tech Sgt. I did notice there is an Engebi Street. I was involved in the landing on Engebi Feb. ’44. I don’t know if any records exist of my Parris Island. It seem that over the years many old records were destroyed. I was in Plt 191, 5th Bn. March/April 1943. We drilled on sand. We were out in east no place. The head was a big wooden place. The “toilets” were long troughs covered with boards which had seats cut out, maybe 20-25 side by side. Running water passed under you carrying away deposits. You watched very carefully at the end where the water came from. A group collected there? WATCH OUT! A large mess of flaming toilet would be passing under your rear end. It is not the Parris Island I remember.

Earl J Paul T/Sgt USMC WWII

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