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Parris Island Reunion Plts 236-237-238-239 From 1962

Parris Island Reunion Plts 236-237-238-239 From 1962 Admin |

"Our group of Marines all just got back from our Parris Island Reunion at the end of April 2015. Had another good turn out with about 27 Marines from PLTS 236-237-238 and 239 from L Company 2nd BN. We arrived at P.I. on June 15th and Out Posted on Sept 13th, 1962. After P.I. we then all when to Camp Geiger ITR to Hotel Company. I still have my Company picture of that group of Hotel Company. Then we all went to our assigned MOS's. This is the 2nd Reunion we have held. The first was in 2013 and was our first trip back since 1962 as a group. I am so sorry to see that our old wooden barracks have been replaced with brick ones. We have had a great time at each of these Reunions. They just get better each time we do a Reunion… This year we opened the Reunion for other Marines that wanted to come and got 1 that had been at the Island in 1968 also. He fit right in with our group of Marines.

It has been about 53 years and when a new Marine shows up to a Reunion it is like he never missed a beat. It was like we had never been separated from each other. We have made contact with 2 Marines from Plt 351 3rd BN/1962 Parris island(one saw a posting on Sgt Grit) and they have joined our email list and are welcome to come to our next Reunion. We have ordered Covers in 2013 and Covers and Shirts in 2015 from Sgt Grit. The work was Outstanding on these items and got to us in time for our Marines to wear. Some of the best embroidery work you could ask for on these items. Sgt Grit away treat you right on the cost of these items.

Attached is a couple of pictures of our 2015 Group at a P.I. graduation and then of a Flag Raising with our Marines CG in there new Covers and Shirts at the Bluffton, S.C. Police Dept. This was to honor all our past Brothers who are not guarding Heavens Gates! We have also posted about 4 Videos on You Tube. If you wish to see them then go to You Tube and type in Ben Mashburn and they should come right up for you. I am still looking for more Marines from our 1962 Series L Company. I have found 151 Marines from this company, some of these Marines have passed away, but still over 100 living. If you have not had a reunion, you have no idea what you are missing! Don't let time pass you by… keep in touch with your Brothers and enjoy the old times again… Keep up the good work Sgt Grit.

Court Conkwright
Plt 238, L Company 1962
Sgt E-5 

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