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Patriot Series Harley Davidson

Patriot Series Harley Davidson

I bought my first Harley through HD's military sales program in 1991, a Softtail Custom. Now on my third HD, it is also USMC related, it's a 2007 Road King Classic "Patriot" series USMC model (they did other models as Patriot series that year). The designation Patriot got you a special tank emblem that included the seal for your branch of service. My best friend is the general manager at the dealer. He lived a couple blocks away and used to swing by after work for a "cup of whiskey." A $17K bike was soon over $20K, but when I picked up "The Sarge" there was a bottle of JD in each saddle bag!

John Larson, Sgt., '85-'91

Echo 2/1, A 1/4, and 1st SCAMP.

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