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During times when more are concerned with whether or not it is politically correct to be in war. Let?s not forget those who gave of themselves so we have the right to self doubt our own decisions. Most are unaware that one of the most famous Marines in history is buried here in Utah. He lays rest in the Pleasant Grove city cemetery. Sgt. Major Joseph W. Dailey. But fear not my fellow Marines not all have forgotten this day on the 232 Birthday of our Beloved Corps I had the honor of visiting our fallen hero?s grave in the thoughts of paying respects to a fellow Marine. I was happy to see I was not alone in my endeavors and in fact someone had arrived before me and placed a wreath and 2 small flags at his grave site. I added my small token of a saut? labeled the few the proud and a USMC flag and knelt down beside the grave and said a small prayer. As I stood up to leave I simply said happy birthday Sgt Major and yes of Course Semper Fi. I was greeted as I walked back to my truck by another Marine whom was looking for the Sgt. Majors grave to pay his respects. So I say to my fellow Marines world wide fear not for our heroes are not forgotten here in Utah. They will be watched over and protected by those whom have fallowed in their footsteps and will stand guard over those who can no longer stand guard for us. Happy birthday Marines and a final Semper Fi to all whom serve and have served in our beloved Corps.

Troy Grant

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