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PGR Bike

PGR Bike

I thought you might like to see what an old Marine can come up with in his spare time.  If you look close you can see my home made flag mount on the back of the sissybar.  I picked up a hunk of aluminum at a recycling center and using only handtools shaped the plate.  I then had it powder coated. I painted on both sides 'Semper Fi', though it is getting a bit worn now it is still visible.  I also have mounted the metal EGA emblems on the side of the battery cover as well as the left side electronics cover.  I get many comments and questions on my rather uniquely designed flag mount.  Twice people have asked if it was a mortar tube, civilians what can I say.  The bag on the back I had custom made to fit my flag mount as I like the lean look on my ride.  I still need to carry rain gear, tools, and lots of water when I stand the flag line here in Florida.  The bike is a 1994 Dyna Wide Glide with over 110,000 on it.  Miles these days are mostly for PGR missions, however this bike has been in all of the lower 48 when I took 4+ months to ride this great country.

Dave Kirkpatrick

Sgt 1970 – 1974

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