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Photos of our 45th Anniversary

Photos of our 45th Anniversary

Sgt. Grits and staff, these are photos taken at the 45th Anniversary of our boot cam platoon forming in August of 1964. We want to thank you for the box of “goodies” you gave us. We divided them up into 13 stacks and drew numbers, everyone was very plaesed.Our reunion was held at the place where it all started for us, Parris Island. In attendance were 10 of us “recruits” and 3 drill instructors. We were a pretty diverse group, I was the only one in the platoon that enlisted from the west side of the Mississippi. The total group size, with spouses, was 25. We toured the base, ate at 1st Battalion Mess Hall and visited the PX. We also spent a little time in the old brig which has been converted into a sports bar. We spent 3days reminiscing and reliving old things that happened to us in boot training. The photo -57_57 is the best one, I think. Once again, thanks for the goodies, I’m sure you’ll get some patronage from our group.

Harold Jury
“C” Co. 1st Bn. Plt 178
Parris Island 1964

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