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Pics From Gasparilla 15K

Pics From Gasparilla 15K

Dianne Villano Running in the Gasparilla 15K Dianne Villano and her Mom after running in the Gasparilla 15K Hey all. My first 15K .. completed .. Marine Corps Marathon here I come … 6 races down … 15 to go!

I didn’t compress these before sending so you could actually see “the thrill of victory” .

Ya don’t realize how freaking far 9.3 miles actually is until you run it in boots with a pack 🙂

The second picture is actually a MOM who came up to me to thank me .. her son happens to be at Haley right now recovering from wounds. It special beyond words to meet her on course and to cross the finish line with her.

I race in your honor because you served in mine

Semper Fi,
Dianne Villano
Support Our Marines, Inc

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