Platoon 3050 MCRD Parris Island

I went through boot camp back in 1984, and was assigned to 3rd Bn, Plt 3050. We had moved out to the rifle range and were staying at the barracks out there. One day while we were out there we were all standing on line in front of our racks while the Senior DI walked down the squad bay . Standing directly across from me was recruit Seals. Unknown to me at that time was that recruit Seals had a lower plate of false teeth. As the Senior DI (S/Sgt Wallace) passed by in front of me, and looking in my direction. Recruit Seals started flicking his false teeth out of his mouth. The sight of this caused me to laugh, and also caused recruits Reese and Elison to laugh as they were standing on either side of me and could see what Seals was doing in their peripheral vision. S/Sgt Wallace then stopped and asked why I was laughing and I responded, “Sir, no reason sir”. He also asked Reese and Elison and got the same reply. Needless to say we were sent to the Quarterdeck for remedial PT. The next day, same scenario, S/Sgt Wallace walking down the squad bay and recruit Seals does the same thing causing me, Reese, and Elison to start laughing again. Again asked why we are laughing and again told him “Sir, no reason sir”. Once again sent to Quarterdeck for an even longer remedial PT session. After that session we went back to recruit Seals and asked him to stop as we were tired of getting remedial PT from him making us laugh. Well the next day same scenario. S/Sgt Wallace is walking down the squad bay and we are all standing on line. Recruit Seals was not smart enough to quit while he was ahead and just as the Senior DI passed me, he spun around and caught recruit Seals with his fake teeth hanging out of his mouth. Once again I started laughing, as did Elison and Reese. At the sight of Seals standing there with his teeth hanging out, S/Sgt Wallace put his head down so the brim of his cover would conceal the fact he was laughing, he walked straight back to the DI hut. After several minutes he reemerged (I assume he needed a couple minutes to compose himself and get his military bearing back) he called recruit Seals to the Quarterdeck for some remedial PT. After that there were no more such incident from recruit Seals.
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