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Please Bring Back C-Rats

Please Bring Back C-Rats

The essential value of C-Rats… C-Rats vs MRE… The essential value of C-Rats is a list I will share with you… because C-Rats are canned… they are FRESH… because of the various size cans… You have the choice of the following… you can make a heat tab stove… you can have a vessel to boil water… you can make a booby trap… using a can to hold an M-67 frag… you can add a couple drops of zippo fluid to the peanut butter… light it up… instant light AND heat… you can hang the empty cans on concertina wire…


When you get real bored… cans make great targets to shoot at… or when long in the tooth around the holidays you can make great Xmas tree ornaments and gifts… Or if you’re mechanically inclined you can patch bullet holes… fix hydrologic lines… impromptu plumbing repairs… the uses and applications are endless… Please bring back C-Rats!

Working with C-Rats cans allowed me to progress to this:



Sgt Hodder USMC

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Jeffrey A. Perkins - July 15, 2020

C-Rats last and last. MREs not so much. In 1981 I ate C-Rats from 1942 and they were great. Last week I made the mistake of eating an MRE from 2009 even heated it was disgusting.

Kevin Keener Sgt (1977-86) - July 15, 2020

Total agreement with the return of C-Rations. True they are heaver and bulkier than MREs, but MRE’s cold are DISGUSTING; ate the Salisbury Steak cold once…..once; without water, it was comparable to eating a dry gall off an oak tree with the same texture. You can eat your C-rat fruit cold, you can eat the tuna, cheese and crackers, peanut butter and candy in a hurry for instant energy. Eggs and ham cooked unopened 30 seconds each side with the American cheese spread gives you a perfect ham and cheese omlette’esque breakfast just as good as the powdered egg concoction served up in the chow hall. Bring’em back……except for the Beans and baby D$#ks and maybe the Beef and Rocks!

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