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Plt. 1110, 1942

Plt. 1110, 1942

Sgt. Grit.

I was dragged along with my wife to the antiques fair (junk sale) at the old Alameda Naval Air Station in SF Bay. Bored out of my gourd, I took leave of my wife and started wandering around. Lo and Behold at one stand was this picture of Platoon 1110 from 1942 sitttin’ among a bunch of junk.

Having served in the Marine Reserves for six years, two of those at Alameda NAS, I couldn’t let that old Marine photo go. I offered the guy five bucks and he took it.

As I left with a piece of history I took a closer look at the cover that it came in. On the back were 22 names of the guys from the photos. Looking at the photo, the names, and the year of their graduation, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them survived the next three years and how many heros were made from that platoon.

I’d be interested if any of the Marines are still around from this photo. If anyone knows anybody in the photo I can be contacted through my email:

Thanks and Semper Fi
Matt McDonell
Comm Plt., MWSS-472 (Det. Bravo),MAG 42 and MAG 46. 1990-92 Comm Plt., Hq Co., 23rd Marines. 1992-1996

Here’s the list of the names from the back:
Eldrige Bailey, Don Dotson, Harley Fiacue, William Gomes, Bunn Slator, Chuck Barr, Eugene Blome, ,Ralph Hauser, Tracie Bell Jr., Carl Watts, Roland Renaud, Robert Zane, Palmer Mundahl, Jesse Bradley, Jose Aguilar, Jim Dunleavey, G. Bullard, James Baldwin, Jerry Wenger, M. Spiers, Wallace Sibley, Gary DeHoet

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