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Plt 1229, 1970 MCRD San Diego Reunite

Plt 1229, 1970 MCRD San Diego Reunite

Got together with 3 guys I was in Boot Camp with while on a business trip to Louisiana. I have not seen these Marines since March 7, 1970 when we left MCRD San Diego for ITR at Camp Pendelton. Myself and Pvt Randall Axelsen immediately went to Infantry training while the rest of Platoon 1229 enjoyed a couple of week of Mess and Maintenance duty. We got together in LaPlace, LA.

Left to Right Sgt. Jim Grimes, Sgt. Mike Hinds, W05 Mike Anthony, and SSgt Jewell Cazes.

We are planning a reunion next year in Branson, Missouri. If you  know of anyone from our Platoon please let me know.

Sgt. Jim Grimes 1969-72

P.S. note the horizontal alignment. 

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Jason Collier - September 11, 2022

I think my Dad was n this Platoon…His name was George M. Collier…

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