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Plt 354

Plt 354

Glen Griswold and Sgt Villanueva Sgt Villanueva motivating Griswold to do some pushes Glen Griswold and Sgt Villanueva

Sgt. Grit,

In May of last year, my wife Cheri, son Todd and I had the pleasure of visiting “Sgt” Ed Villanueva at his home in San Antonio, TX. Sgt. Villanueva was our Senior Drill Instructor for Plt. 354, MCRD San Diego in July, 1965.

We had a short visit at his home where he showed us pictures of his large and wonderful family. His grandson-in-law stopped by to return some things and he is currently in the San Antonio Police Academy. Good grief, my only granddaughter just turned 1 on May 4th.

We all knew that Ed was a very proud man and proud of the Marine Corps. As our senior DI, we had the best. Nothing has changed. He will never be lonely with the size of his family. Both his son and daughter have been in the Marine Corps.

Ed entertained us with some great stories of his Marine career and what he had been doing after he retired. What none of us knew at the time was that he was also with CID. (Criminal Investigation Division.)

As you can see by the attached pictures, not much has changed. Ha, Ha.

Ed had me drop and do 25 but I had enough just being there for the picture. I can still do 25 but that’s it. I think my arms are just as strong, there is just a lot more weight for some reason.

Semper Fi,
Glen Griswold, Sgt 2168507 / 2532 ?65 ? ?69

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