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Poem for American Freedom Admin |

I want to share a poem that I wrote and sent to the families of four Marine heroes that were killed in Iraq recently. I got a reply from the father of one of them, thanking me, and ending the message with, “God Bless our soldiers, and God Bless America!” A true Marine parent!

For Country…For Freedom
By, Bob Beskar, Vietnam War Veteran, U.S. Air Force, 68-72

Another brave soldier has fallen today…
while serving his country, in the midst of “Harm’s Way”.

He was fighting for freedom, for us, and Iraq,
and fell silent and still, while under attack.

He gave all he had, like a hero so true…
the ultimate sacrifice… for the red, white, and blue.

Words can’t describe, to a family or friend,
the personal loss, that they feel deep within.

But those that have served, their country before,
can feel the great loss, no matter the war.

This “brother” who’s fallen, for what we believe,
is a hero forever, as we honor and grieve.

His life has been given, so we can go on,
living in freedom, right now and beyond.

Heroes are born in our country each day,
and they give all they have, in their own special way.

We know who they are, for they usually stand out,
and we try to be like them, and what they’re about!

So mourning this hero, and what he stood for,
should remind us each day… of our freedom once more.

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