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Poem For Marines Still Sacrificing

Semper FidelisYesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
by David Bounds

From battlefields of the past
To those currently in the news
Marines have fought to defend our land
And to protect our Liberties
Uncommon Valor is that common thread
That runs throughout The Corps
Binding each generation of new Marines
With those who have gone before
Where do they come from
And why do they fight
always willing to pay the price
For freedom isn’t free my friend
It often requires the ultimate sacrifice

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of Tripoli
And on to the beaches of World War II
Marines have fought for me
They overcame the frozen hell
Of the Chosin Reservoir
Marines battled and bled in the jungles
Of a distant land called Vietnam
In Lebanon they came in peace
But terrorists would not reason
And the bombing of the Beirut barracks
Placed more Marines on Guard Duty in Heaven

Today’s Marines continue the fight
And pay the price for Freedom
Many have bled and many have died
In the current War on Terror
Though some have questioned the job they do
And may even view them with hate
These brave Marines continue to serve
And courageously fight our battles
They are warriors who aren’t appreciated
Yet they realize their mission is vital
These Marines are now and always will be
Deserving of America’s honor

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