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Poem from a Marine’s girlfriend

My heart just sank.
I just got the news
Am I suppose to cry?
Or am I suppose to be angry?

How am I to take it?
With an understanding mind?
With hate and anger?
Or with both?

On one hand I’m ok with it.
On one hand I’m not.
My heart is torn
And my thoughts are cluttered.

I support what he has to do.
I’m behind 110%
I know i have no say.
But i like to think I do.

I have so many emotions
They all hit me at once.
I’m sad, proud, scared, and angry.
What am I to do?

My Marine is on the list.
The list that no girl wishes.
The list of those who are qualified.
The list of those who might be sent to Iraq.

How am I to deal with this?
I’m angry because I want to know..
How can they take him from me?
Easily…that’s how.

This is the sacrifice I have to make.
This comes with being the girlfriend of a Marine.
I understand the whole thing.
I just pray it doesn’t come true.

I know that no matter what happenes.
I will be waiting faithfully for him to return.
I will pray for him, write him, and talk to him.
I will tell him daily how proud I am of him.

I will let him know I care about him.
That I miss him terribly.
I will keep him updated.
Posted on what’s going on on the home front.

I will keep things running at home.
Watch out for his family.
Keep them posted on his progress.
I will stay strong in my heart, my mind, and my spirit.

I will tell him not to worry.
That I have everything under control.
I will reassure him over and over again
That I love him with every breath in me.

I will do all these things.
With a strong heart.
I will do them faithfully.
For this is my job as a Marine’s girlfriend.

I will Always be Faithful to my Marine!

From the heart of an extremely proud girlfriend!



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