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Poem from the Sunni Triangle

Gone for way to Long
Author: U.S. Marine, Al Sad, Iraq OIFII “the Sunni Triangle” 040714

We’ve been layin’ here tryin’ to find ourselves. We look behind ourselves, We need to go back ourselves..Always looking for the big pay back listen for the news distorted play back They say that all men bleed just like us.

Were never number one always the last in line. We watch our friends go by but it doesn’t help pass the time. Were fed to many pills that never eases the pain. We took a couple towns but it doesn’t help erase the pain. Nobody really knows us but that’s the price we pay.

People try to mess with us we, kinda stick out in a crowd. And when these towns come crumbling down, we will all still be around. People don’t know bout the things we’ve been through and the things we’ve seen.

Its been so long since we’ve been home…Lookin back we’ve been gone way to long. Maybe we’ve forgot all the things we’ve missed and maybe there’s more to life then this.

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