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Poem to Fallen Marine Heroes

Written by L. Winter, Proud Marine Mom

I heard of you today, not in a usual way,
I heard of the courage you displayed today.

Then I heard of your death that has come at such an early age,
Leaving us to weep and be full of rage.

You gave the highest gift that anyone can ever present,
And with your gift we know why you were sent.

For you were born for a more noble purpose than most of us could ever bear,
And, if life were fair…

You would still be with us knowing of your valuable worth,
To all of us here on earth.

But in God’s divine plan, you left us to be of service in his highest realm.
You now are guarding his streets and taking your helm.

To watch over and see that other’s are safe,
And brought home to their families, to be face to face.

We are debt to you always for being so brave,
You were put here at this time to show us how to save.

A country that needed to be free,
And now we have the need to see…

You safe in God’s arms, full of body and health,
And acknowledging that one’s worth is not of wealth.

But in the life you have given for someone else.
So rest for a while and gather yourself.

For God’s angels are always on duty,
And you have achieved this rare and distinct beauty.

We salute you with tears in our eyes,
Because we now have to say goodbye.

You are at home where you are meant to be,
And yes, don’t worry, we won’t stop until all are free.

Your life has shown us there is a higher price to be paid,
For the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Until we meet again,
Semper Fidelis…to our fallen Marine heros.
We will never forget you.

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