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Poetic Tribute to “Chuck” Lindberg

A Birthday Tribute to a Great Marine!
By Bob Beskar 5-19-2004

I know a great man, and one proud Marine…
who’s also a hero, and quite often is seen.

This month he will turn, a mere 84…
And his name is “Chuck” Lindberg… a legend and more.

On a far away island, during W.W.II,
is where his fame started, and others did too.

The words, Iwo Jima, which few knew before,
will live on forever, as part of that war.

Thousands of Marines, were lost in that fight,
but their lives were soon honored, by one precious sight…

“Chuck” and his comrades, made their way to the top,
of Mt. Suribachi, when others could not.

They rose up “Old Glory”, for the first time,
and said a few prayers, that came into mind.

That day’s long remembered by those of the “Corps”…
And by every Marine, who fought in that war.

So on June 26th let’s think about “Chuck”,
and give him a toast, and wish him good luck!

For he’s not just a hero, who fought in a war…
but a fine husband and father, who was true to the “Corps”!

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