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Pride On My Ride

Pride On My Ride



Hello Sgt. Grit,

It’s me again. I just would like to say thanks again for the wonderful online store selections. Attatched to this message are a few pics of my beloved Nissan that I’m turning into a semi racer style ride. The sticker in the middle, the lower right of the window and the licence plate frame are all from your webpage store. The stickers of Tanabe and Injen are the names of parts that are under the hood and the exhaust at the bottom of the car. The Japanese symbol above the Injen name stands for racing.

The rims are brand new by the way.

Thanks to the nice decorations from your page, the pride is on my ride and I love it! (It’s also decorated for good luck for my Proud Marine). The last picture is of me and him.

~*Semper Fidelis*~


Here are some new updated pictures of my ride. The front sticker is actually 2 stickers layered. I had the lettering made and it took me almost 2 hours to put on. I measured it and tried to keep the black background strip from wrinkling. I had to recut and reapply that 3 times before it looked good. Then I carefully put the lettering on top of it.

Please excuse the dent in the back there and the air bubbles on the 2 upper corner stickers (I took most of them out with a pin but some still remain). The two top ones are the USMC Bulldog sticker and the U.S. Marines – Everything Is Attitude sticker.

Again, thanks for the wonderful selection at your online store.

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