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U.S. Colors Presented in a small private ceremony for Sgt. Dale Stirling, USMC / VIETNAM / deceased.

I have had a bit of difficulty organizing a time for getting together with Mrs. Stirling and presenting her with the United States Colors on behalf of grateful Nation and the Office of the President of the United States.

At Sgt. Stirling's funeral, Mrs. Stirling did not want any fanfare, however she did want me to Thank Cpl. Mike Steer for representing the United States Marine Corps (via the 49th Marines, Mission, B.C.) at the funeral. Cpl. Steer was there in his Dress Blues to pay respects to a Fallen Marine and to ensure that the Funeral would not be lacking a USMC presence. Elaine tells me that everyone that attended the service was very impressed with the handsome Marine attending. Thank you so very much Mike.

Terry and I (my Camera Person) went over to her home in Langley, British Columbia this morning. Prior to the colors being presented, Terry and I sat with Elaine and had a good yak. Mrs. Stirling is doing fine and enjoying life.

When the time came, I asked if it would be okay if I formally present her with the Colors. She said that would be fine and we made it happen.

So, on behalf of the "Theodore H. Snow" Post of the American Legion, Vancouver, B.C., Canada and the Vietnam Veterans in Canada, est. 1986, The flag was presented, the appropriate words were spoken and a smart, 3 second Hand Salute was rendered on behalf of all of us.

If you look closely, I got a huge haircut for this.

Gerry Flowers 

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