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Proud M.O.M.

Proud M.O.M.

Dear Staff of Sgt Grit,

My son is a LCPL in the Marine Corp. and is currently on his 2nd deployment. Our family is very close and we have all been staunch supporters of him and his choice to join the Corp. Every one of us have something on all of our vehicles supporting him/USMC.

I would like to thank you for not only the quality of merchandise you sell but for the amount of items you sell. We get almost all of our Marine items from Sgt Grit!

The attached photos are of 3 of the family vehicles and the others are of our son from his first deployment.

Sebring with Emblem decals and USMC License Plate Rear window of Sebring featuring flag decal and decal decal Red car with USMC decals and license plate that reads Rebel 57 LCPL Willis Yaney standing in front of city in the Middle East LCPL Willis Yaney sitting on top of a tank LCPL Yaney standing in front of a dock White truck with a Marine window graphic featuring a US Flag and the Marine Corps seal

Thank you again & keep up the great work!

Lori, mother of LCPL Willis Yaney
Semper Fi!

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