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Proud mother of a Marine

Kara Peterson's grandfather and friend next to plane Kara's son, a United States Marine

Proud mother of a Marine

Hi Sgt Grit,

My name is Kara Peterson and I am new to your website. I found your story so interesting!

I had three grandfathers. One on my dad’s side, and two on my mother’s of with one was a step, and the closest to us.

My grandfather on my father’s side served in WW1, died about 40 years ago. My other two grandfathers on my mother’s side both were in WW2.

Only one is still living. My grandfather was in the air force and a pilot, and did some training with teaching pilots how to fire.

He is getting very old, but is a true war hero to me. He often told my son stories about his experience, information we had not known. He was comfortable with my son’s interest as he kept on asking questions.

My son is now 20 years old. I think due to his great-grandfathers heroism and loyalty, made my son want to join the military. One of my son’s great-grandfather’s died while my son was young, we have his flag, and my son wore his original dog tags from WW2 every day for about two years. He took them off only when he had to go to boot camp at MCRD and camp Pendleton. Now my son has his own dog tags, but still treasures my grandfathers. We also have his flag, and photos of my grandfather that is still alive.

Anyway my son is now a US Marine. He scored very high on the entrance exam, but is choosing the front line. He wanted special forces but he is red/green colorblind. He can not earn his wings, and the Army would have probably made him a cook. So with the marines they allow him to be in infantry, even with his colorblind issue. My son is still in training to become a sniper, rocket launcher, or rifleman. He wants to serve his county as best he can. I am so proud!

I just wanted to add an hello to your newsletter. I would like to include some photos of my grandfather that was in the air force for WW2, and maybe a photo of my son. I hope you enjoy these, they are real treasures to us!

I can’t find his third photo of my grandfather who is still alive, and one of my son.

Thank you!

Kara Peterson

Proud Marine Mom!

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