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Proud Parent

Proud Parent

Sgt. Grit,

My baby boy is Lance Corporal Jonathan Wallace Bledsoe. He is a Heavy Equipment Operator out of Camp Lejeune, N.C. He has been in Kuwait/Iraq since January 2003. He turned 21 over there on 30 March. I am attaching pix of the colors that have been flying off my porch since his departure, and will continue to fly, and of the man himself at graduation from boot at Parris Island.

I am so proud of him my teeth hurt. He ran security duty with an M-240 on truck convoys between Kuwait City and Al-Nazariya during the war. He will be over there until they get all the gear reloaded that they moved and unloaded in record time going in. His unit is up for a Presidential Unit Commendation for moving more material farther and faster than ever before in history. Not a bad job for a bunch of kids. This means he will probably be one of the last Marines coming out from the original bunch that went in.

These young men and women are heroes and should recieve the pride and gratitude they deserve for doing one hell of a job for this country and the folks over there who don’t appreciate it.

Proud parent
Keith Bledsoe
Pulaski, TN

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