Proud Parents of our Marine

Proud Parents of our Marine

Our son, Cpl. RJ Breen and his friend signed up with the Marines while he was 17 and a Junior in High School in 2006. As a Mom – I have to say I was not for this idea!! They spent almosty every afternoon running with the recruiters from the local recruit station here in O’Fallon, Missouri. He graduated high school one semester early and left for boot camp in January 2007. He completed boot camp in April and came home for his high school graduation in May and walked proudly in his dress blues. As a Mom- I have to say it was one of my proudest moments!

Our son has always been a bright light in our lives and the Marines made him brighter, stronger and more mature. I now LOVE the Marine Corps family!!!

Since then, he has been on a MEU last year for 7 months to the mid-east. He returned in April of this year, married his high school sweetheart in July and left in August for Iraq. He is an aviation mechanic and his Mom and Dad and Wife could not be prouder of this young man. We want to thank the Marine Corps family and thank you to all the Marines past and present who have served our country proudly!

Proud Marine Parents,
Ron and Tammy Breen

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