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Proudest Marine Moment

It's been 31 years since I first stepped onto the yellow footprints. My 4 years in the Corps were great. My greateset moment actually came 20 years after I earned the title. I am a 2nd generation Marine. My father, my hero growing up, was a career Marine. The grandson of one of my dad's friends had a grandson in boot camp. He didn't live to see his grandson graduate, so my dad decided to go in his place. He asked if I'd like to go. I jumped at the chance to road trip with my dad and visit the shrine of Parris Island.

At the opening of the ceremony, they asked all Marines, past and present, to stand. My father and I have never been ones to crave the spotlight, but we reluctantly stood. Then it hit me… Here I am standing with my hero as a fellow Marine. I've never been prouder than that moment.

Semper Fi,

Sgt. Michael Buday

Proud son of Msgt. Anthony (Tony) Buday

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