Question for the Vets that Know What Honor Is!

Question for the Vets that Know What Honor Is!

This is just a quick question to all of the military vets out there. Would you rather go back to the field and defend you country with your life, or, would you rather join the NFL and get to do what they usually do and get paid millions? By the way, I’m only asking this question so that I can write about the salaries for you guys in the military and the NFL. It’s for school and I don’t know any military guys that live near me. Also, if you’re an Air Force vet, plz don’t be offended by the pictures that are on here. I found them funny.
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  • Jim Townsend

    I’m 60 and would rather re-enlist for permanent KP duty than take a dollar of NFL money. I was the biggest Steeler fan you’ve ever seen. But I’ll never watch anymore NFL football. I’ve quite enjoyed getting all the time back in my life I’ve wasted watching football to be honest.

  • Ira

    I would ” fall in saddle up, get off my dead ass and on my dying feet ” at 82 and defend my country. Semper Fi to all my Marine buddies old and young. We all share the same DNA.

  • Anthony Collins

    No doubt I would join in with fellow Marines. I love this country and all it’s diversity. We live in a country that has more freedoms than others. Without brave service members, this country and the citizens of it would not have the right to do even half the things they enjoy doing daily. Good to another country and try doing the same as you do in the USA. Your punishment will be much greater than a Twitter comment, or o opinions of fellow citizens. Marine or NFL? MARINE any day!

  • Sgt James White 72-76

    Semper Fi, will not watch nfl

  • Jimmy Searcy

    It’s not a question I would fight for my country in a heart beat. I was in the Corps in 67 fought in Nam. So I will fight again.

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