Question for the Vets that Know What Honor Is!

Question for the Vets that Know What Honor Is!

This is just a quick question to all of the military vets out there. Would you rather go back to the field and defend you country with your life, or, would you rather join the NFL and get to do what they usually do and get paid millions? By the way, I’m only asking this question so that I can write about the salaries for you guys in the military and the NFL. It’s for school and I don’t know any military guys that live near me. Also, if you’re an Air Force vet, plz don’t be offended by the pictures that are on here. I found them funny.
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  • ‘Mac’ McNeir

    I would rather go back to doing what I did for 23 years and feel a sense of well-being for having done something for my country, my fellow Americans and those who would be free…rather than being an NFLer and simply earning an inflated salary while doing nothing more than feeding my own ego!

  • Billy Ashworth

    I am 80 .and I would go back in a heart beat to defend this Country

  • J.C. Wile

    At 68 years young I would go back in a heartbeat tried to reup for first gulf war but was told to old. More proud now than when I was in. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it. I think everyone should be required to serve at least a 2 year hitch to get their heads out their asses and see what the real world is like. Can’t stand these snowflakes and their parents

  • William Lewis

    i would rejoin the marine corps in a heart beat,even at 74 years young . i do not have the streagth or indurness ,but still have the heart. i would be ashame if i was nfl player,getting all that money ,for a gift from god and then to disgrace our flag that way.

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