Question for the Vets that Know What Honor Is!

Question for the Vets that Know What Honor Is!

This is just a quick question to all of the military vets out there. Would you rather go back to the field and defend you country with your life, or, would you rather join the NFL and get to do what they usually do and get paid millions? By the way, I’m only asking this question so that I can write about the salaries for you guys in the military and the NFL. It’s for school and I don’t know any military guys that live near me. Also, if you’re an Air Force vet, plz don’t be offended by the pictures that are on here. I found them funny.
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  • Robert Dickerson

    I think this student’s question is a total non sequitur. First, no one enlists in the Marine Corps to get rich, it is an honor to serve as a U.S. Marine. Not everyone is qualified to fulfill that honor. Second, if comparing salaries is your game, include all professional athletes on one side of the ledger and include teachers, teachers aids, nurses, medical technicians, and providers of elder care on the other as folks who do vital jobs but are vastly underpaid to do them. About those NFL players, most of them play for less than a dozen years and most spend the rest of their lives living in pain inside a body or brain that has been permanently damaged – I don’t envy them at all. In my community a large number of those active NFL athletes spend considerable time giving back to their (our) communities in various charitable and volunteer ways. Also on the subject of the NFL, those athletes protesting the institutional racism in our legal system have every right, as set forth in the 5th amendment to do just that. Protesting injustice is every bit as patriotic as serving in uniform. I proudly served as a Marine specifically to preserve that very constitution. Finally, insofar as serving in combat again, I know full well that at my age and basic level of strength and endurance I would be a hindrance on the battle field and would not want to compromise the safety of other Marines by having them have to look out for my enfeebled self. The soul is willing but the flesh is now weak. I serve today by honesty in all of my dealings with others, pulling my weight at work and in the family, by staying informed and voting. Semper Fi, Marines.

  • The Deuce

    Yep, I’ll ship for 6.

  • Bulldogman – L/CPL

    Go again at 74. Can’t run for sh*t but my heart still beats to my DI’s cadence!

  • Patrick McBride

    Of course I would go back and defend the country. Even if there are those that are un-happy about how things are going in the US. They have that right because WE fought for that right. SEMPER FI BROTHERS and SISTERS.

  • Patrick McBride

    The only hero that played in the NFL is Pat Tillman. He left everything behind to serve his country.

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