Quonset Huts in San Diego

I was there in August of 1967...my dad said it was hot there, but I found out that the " dry heat" is still heat. I was used to humidity.... so they sent me to Viet Nam....how thoughtful !

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  • David S. Martinez

    I was in the Quonset huts st MCRDSD with platoon 3096 from Oct. through Dec. 1967. Right next to the airport fence line and the little grinder. It was a good time of year to be there, not too hot and not too cold; just right for Marine boot camp! Cpl. David S. Martinez Semper Fi brothers

  • Herbert Ware

    I was in those Quonset Huts Nov 1964 Platoon 1005. Took me awhile getting use to the noise from the runways. There was allot of rain, fog, dampness and cold that was part of the transition from civilian to Marine. The day I graduated from MCRD San Diego marked the defining point for the rest of my life. Semper Fi, Do or Die, Gung Ho, Gung Ho. Stay healthy David.

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