Radio Repair in Combat

My time was 1959-1963. I was a 2771 (Ground Radio repair) and always worked “In the rear with the gear”. I’m really curious if any other 2771 people ever got into a combat situation. If so, were you expected to fix radios or just fit in with the grunts? Did you spend time out in the bush? If you were expected to fix radios, what kind of repair gear did you have with you? One of the reasons I ask is during the Cuban crisis we were shown a photo of the beach where would land and I remember I was assigned the 4th wave in. At the time I think I was temporarily assigned to 2/8. Ever since I have always wondered what my duties would have been once we hit the beach.
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  • Robert H Bliss

    I do know about the drinking water at Camp Lejeune. I was station there on three different times during the time frame for the bad drinking water. I have had health problems of various kinds and only the right side of my body has been affected—-the VA just made me 100% after 17 years of health troubles and damn near dieing two times. I’ve lost several friends who were there. So the thing is you have to out live the VA’s denial. I just wanted them to let us know sooner so we could get the care needed.—-do the right thing for us.

  • Robert jeske

    In reply to Robert H Bliss.
    U do know about the drinking water at camp lejeune??

  • Bill Jochym

    In reply to Wiliam Goad.
    Were you S/Sgt. Goad at Electronics Maintenance Co. (ELMACO), Maint. Bn., 1st Force Service Regiment (FSR) at Camp Pendleton in 1971??? If so, I recall you were in a program where the Marine Corps sent you to college to get a degree and become an Officer. I was in single side band section, and Captain Collins was CO. I can’t remember the 1st Sgt’s name, but he was a big, and funny Italian from NY. Bill Jochym. (

  • Vince Fischelli

    I was in from 1956 to 1963. At the time of the Cuban missile crisis I was a 2771 and Comm chief of A Company, 2nd Amtrac Battalion. My Comm Marines were assigned to various Amtrac platoons to act as radio operators including another 2771. I was attached to first platoon to act as a radio operator for the landing. Amtrac platoons would take the first wave into the beach. I made up the third crew member but manned the radios and kept the other tractors on the air and monitored the radio net. The Lieut. told me I would man the 30 Cal in the turret for the landing. When we got back to Camp Lejeune I resumed duties as Comm chief. Everyone was disappointed we didn’t get a chance to take care of Castro.

  • Bill Jochym

    In 1970, I became a Ground Radio Repairman, but the MOS was 2841, as William Goad previously indicated in his comments. Also, I wonder if William Goad was S/Sgt. Goad, who was with Electronics Maintenance Co. (ELMACO), Maint. Bn., 1st Force Service Regiment (FSR) at Camp Pendleton in 1971? As I recall, he went into a program where the Marine Corps sent him to college (while still in the Marine Corps) to get a degree and subsequently become an Officer.

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