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Radio Telegraph School 1957

Radio Telegraph School 1957

I would like to submit two photographs from my time in the Corps. The first one is from Radio Telegraph School at MCRD in San Diego. The photo was taken 7 March 1958 of class 151, which started in the fall of 1957 and ended in spring of 1958. I am hoping that anyone that didn't get a copy, or lost their copy, will see it and have it as a memento again. I am submitting it as a result of seeing Cpl Dick Martell's photo of his Radio Telegraph School class from Christmas of 1965. I noticed that the locale of the two photo's is different. Ours was just outside the classroom.

A side note re: our wearing of class A winter greens in March of 1958 yet. Back then, everyone in the Corps, no matter what part of the world you were stationed, had to wear the same uniform no matter the temperature in your locale. Yes it was a very warm that day for winter greens. I also recall having to wear tropicals or khaki's when the weather turned cold too early, but the calendar said we could not wear winter uniforms yet. I am pretty sure that regulation is long gone and it is up to the post commander to dictate uniform wearing depending on locale climate and temperature.

Some of the names I remember are as follows: Clenin, Johnson, Dobbs, Morris, Dillon, Workman, Sullivan, Sgt. (E-4) Goldstein, Groh, Lore… I believe that except for the one Sgt. Goldstein, everyone was a Pvt or PFC. The Lance Corporal rank (E-3) had not been introduced yet.

Radio Telegraph School, MCRD 7 Mar 1958 RLH

The second photo is from my final unit assignment with 'C' Co., 1st Recon Bn., 1st MarDiv at Camp Pendleton. The same applies here for anyone in the photo from the period 1959-1960 if their copy got lost or mutilated. I am sorry but I only remember, at most, a few of the names of the guys in the photo: Foote, Betts, Goodfield, Wedlake, Priest… all PFC's or L/Cpl's.

1st Recon Bn., 1st MarDiv. RLH 1959-1960

Robert L. Hammershoy, Cpl E-4
1957 – 1960​

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