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In November 1988 I had the occasion to have breakfast at the Commandants Residence with 9 other MCL members, I was introduced to Commandant Gray as RAMBO..the nickname given to me by 56 Marines in the MCL, when he shook my hand I thought he was going to break my knuckles. The ten of the General and his wife were eating sconces and drinking coffee…the 10 of us drank out of regular mess hall coffee cups, the design had not changed in 20 years, I know because I was a Marine Cook… the General and his wife… he referred to her as the “Boss” drank their coffee out of canteen cups… of course his had 4 Stars on it…a few months after that in Dallas Texas…at the MCL National Convention, the General… came up and slapped me on the back and said something to the effect “How ya doin RAMBO”…with that, he brightened my whole year by remembering “lil ole me”.

Mark “RAMBO” Gallant
chu lai ‘ 68

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CPL Joe Green USMC Retired - May 12, 2020

RIGHT ON Harry!!!! OH I forgot they were given “AMNESTY” ?? Maybe its been a “SWAMP” LONGER than we think?? Semper Fi Brother

Harry - May 12, 2020

Hope you are still there!! Harry

Michael L. Best - May 12, 2020

Cpl Green, no,never heard of it. I belong to TWS, but only found a few MARINES that I had served with. SEMPER FI

CPL Joe Green USMC Retired - May 12, 2020

Sgt Best, always good to hear from a fellow “Cook” & not one of these new modern Food Service Specialist ( Sounds too Army for me ) I was with 2nd Med Bn 2nd FSSG when the Food Service Officer ( WO Rich ) drafted me to go TAD to 2nd FSSG Supply where the field gear had just failed inspection badly. I was given free rein after inventory was done on each field unit to order what was needed to bring each unit up to date. Some how one extra recipe service was ordered, when they arrived they were all stamped on the inside cover 1 Sept 1972 and all brand new,this was 1977, that was one gravy assignment. After I was placed on the PDRL I even used them at the local Country Club, & a local shoe factory were I cooked, served me very well. Just wondering if you are aware of the United States Marine Corps Food Service Association? Semper Fi Brother

Michael L. Best - May 12, 2020

CPL Green, SEMPER FI MARINE! I was a 3371 stationed at MARINE BARRACKS 8th & I back in 72-74. I would’ve liked to have kept my recipe index from back then. Sgt. Best. USMC AUG. 1971- AUG 1974.

Steve - May 12, 2020

Went to Canada

CPL Joe Green USMC Retired - May 12, 2020

Semper Fi to ALL 3371’s. What a great experience Brother. I still have one of those coffee cups you made reference to, along with a metal mess tray, a 2″ & 4″ insert & a complete set of the Armed Forces Recipe Service Revision Dated 1 September 1972. Not sure how that stuff ended up with my gear when I returned to Wisconsin??? Semper Fi to all my Marine Brother’s & Sister’s.

Merle J Thompson - May 12, 2020

I was at Chu-Lai in 65-66 with -VMA-224.

Erik Sundberg - May 12, 2020

Thanks for the story. It is amazing that a General remembers peoples names. They must meet thousands a year. And to remember your name…priceless

Harry - May 12, 2020

It is great to hear a story from a cook! Thanks Marine! SEMPER FI! Harry

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