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by Mitchell (Doc)

At night I hear the haunting sounds of the desert, the explosions of the bombs and the missles of war.
The wounded are crying out for someone to help,
All i can do is try my best to save them.
My heart bleeds for those who are beyond help,
For I know who is about to steal theirs souls.
As I gaze into their dying eyes looking toward the sky,
I fear what they are about to see; The Reaper.
All in Black, riding a horse black as death itself, With eyes as red as blood, I fight against his icy grip.
Trying to cheat him out of a soul or two, But sometimes the cheaters get cheated.

When i sleep I hear the screaming of the dead,
And the laughter of the Reaper.
For he has taken another soul.
I wake in a cold sweat, and thank God that he is not coming for me; This time.
For when he does, who will be there to help me cheat him.
The thoughts of the Reaper haunt my every night,
And the sounds of his laughter leaves me with silent screams for Help.
Who will help me when he comes for me to cheat him out of my soul?

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