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by Cindy Crook

I was sitting at home not expecting this mention,
As I watched the news and came to attention,
The words I was hearing would affect my life,
I couldn’t help looking across at my wife.

She was cooking a feast, taking care of our kids,
And hadn’t heard the words that I just did,
“Marines are recalled, effective right away,”
“Pack your gear, you’ll soon be on your way.”

I looked at my young son, how would this affect him?
Would he be okay without me here to protect him?
My daughter’s laughter rang in my ears,
And I thought how it soon would turn to tears.

Dreading this moment, not wanting to break the news,
I shut the TV off and put on my shoes,
I told my family that I had a quick task,
And walked outside before they could ask.

I walked up the street and made a call,
Heard from Gunny that we’d ship out in the fall,
Meanwhile I had to report in and train,
And he wanted me there the following day.

Knowing I’d be leaving in just a few hours,
I walked back home with a bouquet of flowers,
I wanted my wife to have one last smile,
To carry her through the upcoming miles.

As I opened the door was I ever surprised!
There she stood with our kids by her side,
They were holding a cake that was red, white and blue,
And singing the Marine Corps hymn so true.

They’d heard the news, knew I’d be leaving,
They gave me a send off that was beyond all believing,
There was steak, fine wine, family and friends,
Not one tear was shed as the night came to an end.

As I stepped on the plane bound for my station,
I looked out the window over our great nation,
And I found it to be my own tears stinging,
As I heard once more my wife and kids singing.

Dedicated to all the STRONG Marines and their STRONG families who are caught up in this war on terror.
God bless every one of you and thank you for the tremendous sacrifices that you make for our freedom.

~Cindy Crook~ 8/29/06

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