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Red Patch Marines

Red Patch Marines

Unfortunately, I had to relinquish my command prior to their “Call to Glory”. Nonetheless, I feel very much a part of this fine group of men and their families and wish to share their past and present with you and your readers.

A Company, 4th LSB, Seattle, WA Desert Storm.
A Company / H&S Company, 4th Landing Support Battalion, 4th FSSG, 4th Marine Division, Seattle, Washington,

Wayne Bell
LtCol USMCR (Retired)

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Kerry Berman Desert Eco Tours - December 2, 2023

Trying to locate JJ Beasley, 5th Shore party 27th Marines (radio operator 2531) Base was Danang at Freedom Hill. 1968. African American. I believe his family lived Florida.

We spent 8 months in the front lines. He was my guardian angel.

Thank you

Ron Howell - September 5, 2023

Vietnam field radio operator (2531) with C Co. Out of Dong Ha 68-69
Purple Heart Operation Virginia Ridge May 69
Retired and just found this site

Henry Bell - August 3, 2023

2nd LSB 2nd FSSG Beach & Port Company
French Creek Camp Lejeune,N.C

Albert Seaton - July 20, 2023

Just stumbled on this Photo. I’m somewhere in the photo above. I was part of 2nd Platoon.

Wendell Sather - November 11, 2021

I drove for Lt Col John Goss. I was stationed there 1965-1971.
Is it possible to get a veterans ID card

Robert Comer - April 6, 2020

Robert C. Comer, Sgt.
August 26, 2019 at 7:45pm
In 1952 in Korea, 1st Shore Party Bn., C company. We had an 8 man volunteer mine and demo team. Two of us at a time were assigned to a line company or D tanks to lead patrols off the line and op’s. Our job was to clear any mines or booby traps on the trails. One man on point the other in the rear. We also had to bring tanks back safely if they were hit with a mine.
We lost one of our team, Cpl. Gilmore, to a bouncing betty mine. A few of our team ended up with serious frost bite of the hands from disarming mines on the trails(no gloves on in order to feel for wires, etc.). When in reserve area we trained line marines in mine clearing and we blasted trench line and bunker installations. Have never seen any reports of our team or our activities.

terrance joyce - April 6, 2020

I was a red patch marine. I was stationed at kbay from 67 to 68. we were then sent to da nang for the 68 tet offensive. it was a great company great people.

Dennis Bahnsen - April 6, 2020

I too served with the 3rd FSR on Okinawa from 1967-May68, after being injured. This tour included a stint with the regimental color guard, before returning to CONUS at Camp Lejeune, NC, where I was assigned to 2nd MarDiv Personnel Classification and Assignment office and worked for the best Marine I ever met during my four years of active USMC duty, Capt Robert Price. Captain Price had earned a battle field commission, a Navy Cross, multiple Silver and Bronze Stars and numerous Purple Hearts in Korea (Chosan) and Viet Nam before retiring in late 1968 or so. One hell of a Marine!
Dennis Bahnsen
formerly Sgt, USMC (1965 thru 1969)

Fidelino J. AMARGO, LTJG, USN(Ret) - April 6, 2020

3rd LSB / 3rdFSSG, Okinawa, APR1984-APR1986; HM1, SMDR, Battalion Medical Assistance Team.
Best duty ever. HST’s, Beach and Port Opns, Drop Zone Coverage, and no casualties.

Bob Mauney 1381 - April 6, 2020

I served as a “redpatcher” (1381) with “A” Co. 5th Shore Party Bn at Camp Delmar, CA and at Camp Schwab, Okinawa in summer and fall of 1966. The latter part of 1966 I was transferred to Vietnam where I was assigned to “A” Co. 3rd Shore Party Bn (1966/1967). We worked the LCU ramp at Hue along with providing security details along the coast where we operated out of a small base on Thuan An. Later we worked the resupply LZ’s at Camp Evans and Dong Ha along with providing HST’s. We had a heavy equipment section at Dong Ha that helped clear vegetation for observation towers along the DMZ. I finished up my enlistment with “C” Co. 2nd Shore Party Bn. at Camp Lejeune in 1968. Bob Mauney (1381).

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