Reference to "Motivation Platoon"

You are the first Marine in the USMC that remember Motivation Platoon I were sent there in 1972, and were disabled to a degree in training. Today that training have been terminated, and its like it never happen. Although some of your descriptions in Motivation Platoon were different then mines. I didn’t read in your statement about the sewage drain field, where you had to drop into a pool of sewage and low crawl in sewage water going into your mouth and nose, the unknown D.I.’s used a long aluminum pole to push your head under water, to make sure you walloped in it like a maggot, at the end of the sewage field, you had to shout at the top of your lungs in boot deep sewage to tell the D.I. how much you loved the USMC, then we got on the road and everything happened as you said. Upon Graduation there were and Investigation and a letter had to be signed before you could leave the Island, “stating that: I have been treated well at Parris Island, SC.” And ordered to seal the letters, are face staying six more months on the Island, to go to a hearing.
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