Reference to "Motivation Platoon"

You are the first Marine in the USMC that remember Motivation Platoon I were sent there in 1972, and were disabled to a degree in training. Today that training have been terminated, and its like it never happen. Although some of your descriptions in Motivation Platoon were different then mines. I didn’t read in your statement about the sewage drain field, where you had to drop into a pool of sewage and low crawl in sewage water going into your mouth and nose, the unknown D.I.’s used a long aluminum pole to push your head under water, to make sure you walloped in it like a maggot, at the end of the sewage field, you had to shout at the top of your lungs in boot deep sewage to tell the D.I. how much you loved the USMC, then we got on the road and everything happened as you said. Upon Graduation there were and Investigation and a letter had to be signed before you could leave the Island, “stating that: I have been treated well at Parris Island, SC.” And ordered to seal the letters, are face staying six more months on the Island, to go to a hearing.
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  • James R.

    In reply to Dick Hale.
    Thank you, Mr. Hale, what gives you the right to state its your Corps, and yes I did smell like a turd and I wish I could have stood next to you. Code Red have been eliminated, so I guess we would have just done Pugil stick fights, so I could get part of them turds on you.

  • James R.

    In reply to Hawkeye Hall.
    There were also a casualty Platoon when Marines got hurt in training and had to see the Corpman daily, I were put in that platoon because of and injury, there were also sadistic D.I.’s there, I saw a marine go into a heart attack, the D.I. stood over this recruit and stated: Die MF its to many people in the world anyway. Do you Marines think I would be stupid enough to report something that were untrue, just to write something, just because you did not experience the same thing doesn’t make it untrue. And yes, the whole Platoon# 2263 had to also sign letters to leave Parris Island.

  • Joe Rainey (L/Cpl)

    In reply to Graeme.
    I was in the old wooden receiving barracks in Nov 1975 and they had us observe a full platoon coming back from the mote ditch. Poor souls were covered head to toe in muck. You couldn’t tell one from the other. Later we were moved across the parade deck to 1st Bn. The swamps and river were behind the barracks and at low tide it smelled every bit as bad as, and similar to, an open sewer. Eventually at the rifle range I was able to observe the CCP in action. I kept my nose clean. Former 1811 Tank Crewman.

  • Cpl. N.Nardone USMC

    In reply to James R..
    What the Hell would you know about whiner/slackers.You probably don’t even belong Here Commenting!!! Let’s see you Go Thru What I Went Thru? You Have No Idea What I went Thru!!! Mister James R. You don’t even have a Last name. So Shut Your Hole Up…….Cpl. Nicholas Nardone

  • Cpl. N.Nardone USMC

    In reply to James R..
    Besides I Don’t Have The Time To Waste On You!!!!

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