I have told myself to visit the WALL many times – never went – was supposed to go with Army friend who we bantered with each other for over 30 years – families were friends – kids played together too! Well, my buddy Jerome – had issues after he came home from Vietnam – had medical issues and demon issues too! He is no longer with us and I still intend to visit wall eventually- to see others as well who never made it back either. May their souls rest in eternal peace- AMEN
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  • Bob G

    THE WALL: The closest I’ve came to it was at a fair when a scale was taken around the U.S.. I got within 20 feet of it but couldn’t walk up to it. Would love to see the real thing but can’t, I would not be able to hold me emotions in. Although I was in the motor pool in Nam I flew missions as a gunner on a schnook chopper wile in country. Did a lot of medevac’s but the war set in when I had to bring the dead in body bags out of the jungle to be processed and set home. I missed one flight and my stand in was killed, so it should have been me, my name should be on the wall and not his. People sometimes ask me “what was the worse part of being in Nam, my reply has always been the same. Coming back to the states. Part of me died there and with Agent orange the rest is dying here. So be it, I don’t regret my time there and would do it again if need be. Although I don’t have a lot of great Memories about the Marine Corp I do have some good ones and it is true ‘once a Marine always a Marine”.

  • Mike

    Went to the “Traveling Wall” When it was down here in Griffin Georgia during the Memorial Day weekend in 2011. The only time I have ever felt so much emotion since Nam was the birth of my first son. I wasn’t quite the same for two weeks after. Rest In Peace my brother’s. RVN 69/70

  • bill

    know how you feel buppy ,I cant go either.semper fi

  • John Reed

    As a corpsman, I served with 1st Recon Bn at ChuLai 9/66 – 9/67. And then served with Marine Corps for 13 out of my 30 year career in the Navy. While stationed at the Naval Hospital, Okinawa, the wall was built and dedicated. Returning from Okinawa in the fall of 1985, one of my primary destinations was The Wall. Not know exactly where it was on the mall, we parked near the Washington Memorial, my wife, son and I walked down along the reflecting pond towards the Lincoln Memorial and then turned right to where I thought it might be. Over the slight rise, we came down into the apex of the memorial. Upon seeing it, I was overcome with emotion and fell to my knees with my wondering what had happened to his tall and strong dad on knees crying like a baby. My new duty station was NNMC Bethesda and I made the trip to The Wall numerous times over the 4 year period before being transferred to New Orleans. After repeated visits, I was able to control my emotions, but always was humbled by the mere presence of that memorial. HMCM (FMF), USN, Retired

  • Chuck Carter Sgt USMC 70-74

    I had a similar know a few names on the wall. It took years, finally went 3 years ago. Spent my time there found the names, cried a little. It was all a relieving visit, weight was lifted off my shoulders. Pay a visit, it will help in the healing.

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