I have told myself to visit the WALL many times – never went – was supposed to go with Army friend who we bantered with each other for over 30 years – families were friends – kids played together too! Well, my buddy Jerome – had issues after he came home from Vietnam – had medical issues and demon issues too! He is no longer with us and I still intend to visit wall eventually- to see others as well who never made it back either. May their souls rest in eternal peace- AMEN
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  • edward libby

    The biggest lump in my throat and a total numbness in my body . when I viewed the wall . my eye lids are sweating thinking of it today cpl Edward libby 1962 1967

  • Robert H Bliss

    That’s 47 years. And I went to pay my respects to my friends a few years ago—it did a lot to help me.

  • Robert H Bliss

    It took me 50 years to face my nightmares and, now, I’m glad I did. I can go almost a month or two without being awaken by my wife because I’m fighting that VC in hand to hand combat—again and again. Makes me wonder sometimes who really won that fight. I know you know what I mean. We all need to say our goodbyes to our friends/brothers—go!! Golf Co. 2/5, 1970

  • John Clary

    Go, now! You never know when you’ll be out of time. I was living in DC when the Wall was dedicated, and was present for the ceremony. Visiting the Wall is a must do for me when I’m in DC. While it helps smooth the wrinkles in my soul, it always drives me to tears – too damn many friends whose names are on the Wall. I was in DC shortly after 9/11 and went to the Wall one Saturday morning. Hueys and fixed wing were flying around the area. I sat down on a bench and closed my eyes. It was instant transport back to 1968 and Danang. Every Vietnam Vet should visit the Wall. — John Clary, SGT, 1st Recon Bn, A-2, 67-69

  • Jerry Hattox

    I’ve been to the wall 2 times. Both times with another person or persons. I need to go again by myself. There are many friends and acquainances there and I need personal time to pay my proper respects to them. My only regret is that I did not go to the dedication. I hope a personal trip can make up for that. 2 tours 65-66, and 1968.

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